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How do I search my form submission content?

Last Updated 7 years ago

Your submission title, description, author are all searchable fields. However, if you wish to search the contents of your submissions, you will need to add the labels of the data you wish to search on into the team's search index. You may then use the "Advanced Search" feature in your Submissions area.

To edit your label search index, Edit Team Settings for a team.

Then choose Advanced Options.

At the bottom of Advanced Options, you will see the Keyword Indexing area. This is where you enter the Form Labels for any content you wish to be searchable. Eg. if you wish to search for names that are entered into the field called, "Staff Member", then add "Staff Member" to the list, then type a comma (,) to finish defining the label.


Save the changes.

Your indexing may take some time - especially if you have a lot of submissions.
You can review indexing progress by going back to the same settings area.

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